1. Insurer must be notified in writing with full details as soon as possible after an event which may become the subject  of a claim under this

2. In the event that your vehicle is collided into by a third party vehicle, you may refer the claim for cost of repairs to insurer. Your NCD
    entitlement will continue unaffected if insurer decides that you are not at fault. Such determination of fault shall be at insurer discretion. 
    Provided always that such third party vehicle is insured,  identifiable and/or not a vehicle used for carriage of passengers for hire or
    reward (for example taxis, hire cars,  public buses, stage buses, school buses and factory buses for hire), not a vehicle insured by non-
    Malaysian  insurers and there is no personal injury claim involved

3. All accidents must be reported to the Police as required by Law

4. Every communication writ summons and or process from other parties must be sent to insurer immediately. You must tell the insurer if you
    know of any impending prosecution inquest or fatal inquiry without delay. In case of theft   or other act which may give rise to a claim
    under this coverage, you must without undue delay make a report to the   Police and co-operate with Insurer in securing the convictions of
    the offender

5. No negotiation, admission or repudiation of any claim may be entered into without Insurer prior written consent

6. Insurer shall have full discretion in the conduct, defense and or settlement of any claim

7. No repairs may be authorised to your vehicle without prior written consent

8. In the event your vehicle is involved in an accident and give rise to a claim, your vehicle must be removed to a PIAM Approved Repairers
    for repairs, Failure to remove your vehicle to a PIAM Approved Repairer would be a breach of  this condition and Insurer shall have the
    right to decline liability under
Section A
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