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Dear Reader,

If you are reading this testimony you will consider getting a good medical insurance and a life insurance plan.

I am a medical doctor, in year 2007, I resigned from a government hospital and joined a private hospital. One of the risk that bothered me at that time was losing the medical benefits for me and my family members. As you are aware, government will provide medical benefits to staffs and family members, but the moment you tendered your resignation all these benefits will be gone.

In the begining I don't have time to plan for my insurance coverage as my new job was quite taxing. My colleague reminded me the importance of insurance and introduced Mr Loi to explain the type of plans to me. He proposed a medical plan for my family and also a RM 1,000,000 Life Insurance with Critical Illnesses coverage. I signed up the Medical plan but not the Life Insurance at that time becasue I felt "I won't be that unlucky to strike with a critical  illness"..... I was totally wrong..

On Dec 8th 2011, I was diagnosed with a heart condition which required me to either undergo a heart by pass or an angioplasty. Either one treatment carries its own risk... I went for a second opinion and then a third opinion. Finally after weighing the risk, I decided to go for the angioplasty on 19th Dec, 2011 which required 7 stents and each stent costs RM 7,000. the final medical bill came out to be RM 70,000...

the Greatest worry that harbour in my mind before the surgery was "... what will happen to my family if the surgery fails and I died during the operation, who will be the financial provider for my family if I died..." all these thoughts came to me and made me even more distress. At that moment I wish I have a RM 1,000,000 insurance coverage which I regretted for not taking it 4 years ago.

My message to all readers here, please plan ahead for all eventuallities and not only act after the event...

Dear Loi,
This is my fourth year you are helping me to renew my car insurance and road tax
Prior to this I had been changing insurance agents since I bought my car.

Now I can depend on you as your reminder and renewal service is very prompt.

Noer El Huda
Dec 31, 2011

Dear Loi,

For your information,
I already receive that roadtax about 3pm today,
Early on your call about last month,
I'm a little bit confused whether it's true or not about your services,
After i received it, really appreciate your time and effort during this transaction,
I willing to tell my friend about your excellent services,
I will support on your business,

Good Job Boss!!!

Thank you very much,
Kuala Lumpur.    
12th January 2010
Thank you for assisting me in transferring my United Kingdom  Non Claim Bonus (NCB) back to Malaysia. I had called a few agents for help, including my relative, unfortunately most of them said it cannot be done. Luckily my wife able to get hold of you and we save thousand ringgit. Now I can drive my Mercedes R-Class and C-Class to work.

I am very impressed with the turnaround time from my initial request till approval. I will definately introduce my doctor friend who owned 2 S-class on the way back from UK as well.

~ Professor Madya Dr Chia, Petaling Jaya 24th October 2008
I am an expatriate working in Malaysia. I really find this site very useful and able to assist me in getting the right insurance products that I want. The premium calculation is fast and easy to understand. Moreover it allows me to know the estimated premium before I decided to buy.  I got my MPV insurance renewed, I insured my Penthouse with home content insurance and about to purchase some Medical Insurance with Medical Card for my family members. Now I can enjoy my holiday with peace of mind.

~ Gadman, Petaling Jaya, 28th July 2008
I bought an Investment Linked Plan with Medical insurance coverage for my new born. After much persuasion by the insurance agent I decided to take the plan eventhough my husband and his family members objected. They are saying the premium of RM150 per month is too high. I go for it anyway. Last month my baby girl was admitted to a private hospital due to viral infection for 4 days. The Medical bill is quite high. Luckily I choose PLAN 300 which allowed my baby to stay in a single room with a small bed for me as well. I am very satisfied with the plan as there is no co-insurance, meaning all the medical and hospitalisation fees are fully paid by the insurer. The Medical Card is so handy. Now my in laws understood the true meaning of insurance.

I am quite lucky to have a good agent to advice me to start as early as possible because of the first 30 days waiting period.

~ Soo Chin, July 2008
Last month I had a knee injury after a football match. Surgery, hospitalisation (2 weeks) and post surgery cost me RM 18,000. All fees are fully borned by the insurer. I am now under physiotherapy treatment, also covered by medical plan. The premium that I paid per month is less than RM 50. So I have been telling all my friends to get a proper medical insurance with cashless card for admission.

~ Kamal, Shah Alam June 2008
I am a retiree. After my retirement I bought an Insurance plan last year. Barely after 13 months since the inception, I underwent an eye operation due to cataract. All my eye surgery expenses are fully paid by the insurer. Life will be tough for me if I did not have a comprenhensive medical insurance.
~ Mdm Goh, May 2008
Thank you! For assisting me in my hospital admission. Sorry for calling you guys late night. But the advice and prompt response really made the difference.

The medical card is so useful and convenient.

~ Ms Elaine , Bandar Utama
First, I would like to say thank you for helping me getting the claims. I know your staff ran around a few times to get the medical report for me. I really appreciate his hard work.

~ Ms Lim , Kuala Lumpur
Wow! The service is great. I am very busy in my daily work; thank you for  helping me to fill up some important forms. Thank you

~  Dr Nor, Petaling Jaya
I was admitted for 14 days. I am glad that I am having an insurance plan or else I need to fork out a few thousand ringgit for the hospital bill.

~ Mr William, Petaling Jaya
I was down with dengue fever and admitted for 1 week. After this, I will make sure I will carry the medical card in my wallet. Also a big thank you to our boss for taking up this plan for all the staffs and family members

~ En Ibrahim, Sri Hartamas
Thank you for renewing my car insurance for me in such a short notice.

~ Mr  Chan, Kuala Lumpur
I got coverage for my whole family. It is so easy and convenient, I only bought what I need most.

~ Dr Leong, Selangor
~ Mr Victor, Subang Jaya
I never believe in Education Plan but your explanation sounds logical. Now I have to start saving for my twins.

~ Mr Gan, Shah Alam
I got my travel insurance here. Thank you for making it so convenient for us.

~ Ms Kim, Puchong 
I don't even know this portal exist, until my friend recommended it to me. I got my home insurance.
~ Mrs Lim, Bandar Sunway
I am an auditor by profession. My job nature is to drill down to every detail. I am searching for a good insurance plan for my brother recently and I found this site which gives me every detail that I need. My brother bought the insurance plan. Thank you for the explanations.

~ Mr Chan HL, Singapore
The premium for the comprehensive medical plan is so cheap. Now my company can afford to buy insurance for every staff.
I even recommended this plan to my family members.

~ En Ahmad, Oakland Industry Park, N. Sembilan (1st Sept 2007)
As a surgeon for many years, I know the importance of a comprehensive medical plan. Everyone should have a Cashless Medical Card. The medical card is very handy and useful during emergency, as family members don't have to fork out large amount of money to pay deposit and settle huge medical bill. I also bought the medical insurance for my whole family here last month. After evaluating all the major MCO and Insurers, your recommendation is still the best as the premium is cheaper and the plan is guaranteed renewable up to age 80. The plus point is there is no co-insurance or co-payment. The insurance company will pay most of the charges. 

~ Dr Yip, Shah Alam (16 Sept 2007)
Getting a MRTA is not as easy as I thought. After waited for 2 months and poor service from my previous agent, I almost gave up until I got some advice and service here. I bought my policy on Monday, went for the medical checkup on Thursday and got underwritten the following week. The service is fast and crucial as my financier is waiting to disburse my housing loan. With MRTA I am protected. Thanks !

~ Mr Chin, CyberJaya (28 Sept 2007)
My company hired another 15 staffs recently. I took this opportunity to reevaluate the insurance benefits. I had compared many plans by myself in order to get the best value product and services. All my staffs and their family members are insured.

~ En Hamid, Desa  Hartamas (1 October 2007)
As a HR  Manager for a Singapore based company, I find it easy to buy Group Insurance for my KL Office here. It is very convenient and easy to get all the information that I need before I even call an agent. All the staffs are insured now.


~ Michelle, Singapore (3 October 2007)
My company is dealing with CCTV and Security products. Our job nature is to provide technical support and maintenance work for our corporate customers. All my employees are insured under the Group Insurance Scheme
~ En Suhaeri, Kuala Lumpur (5 October 2007)
I am an engineer. My daily routine work  is very busy and hard to find time to do my personal stuff. Hari Raya is around the corner and I am busy preparing my "Balik Kampung" stuff. Ooops ! My car insurance is due and need to find an agent to renew my insurance and road tax urgently (2am Oct 9). I am able to get my e-cover without even leaving my home or office. This is a very innovative way and save my valuable time either waiting for an agent or meeting my agent.  Good job guys !

~ En Mohd Khairul (9 October 2007)
How to renew car  insurance during a long Raya Holiday ? I have called up many companies until I managed to get some help here. The calculators are so easy to use. Early morning during third day of Raya. I am so relieved after I receive my e-cover note. Many thanks to your recommendation.

~ Cik Faz, Alor Setar (15 October 2007)
Planning a holiday for my love ones, buying travel insurance is so easy. The premium is so cheap, RM65 for my whole family.

~ Mr Chau, KL  (16 October 2007)
I am 55 years old, once I retired, my existing insurance coverage provided by my company will ceased. Luckily I found one  with an affordable premium. This gives me peace of mind after retirement. It also covers me until age 80.

~ Mr Hanis, GM, (22, October 2007)
I have been working for the Public Sector for many years. Recently I joined a Private Hostptals and I need a Comprehensive Medical Insurance Scheme for my whole family. I choose the recommended plan because the premium is low and the coverage is good. As a doctor in a Private Hospital. This is a very important factor to ensure the patients will get the best medical attention possible. The medical plan that I bought is backed by one of the largest insurance company in the world.

~ Dr Zulkifli, Consultant (28, October 2007)
This is the first time I renew my car insurance. A very pleasant experience for me as I do everything here. From keying my car details to getting an e-cover without leaving my home. The next day I just walk to the nearest post office to get my road tax. I got my e-cover once my credit card payment is cleared. Planing to buy a medical plan as well.

~ Syed, Cyberjaya (29, October 2007)
I am an expatriate in this country. Not easy for me to find a suitable plan that I want. I have compared a few insurance companies before I decided to buy. The recommended plan is good and the price is right. I have recommended my fellow friends and colleagues to get the insurance as well.
~ Osman, Uzbekistan (30, October 2007)
Just came back from Australia, I can renew my car insurance here. I can also choose additional coverage for my windscreen. 
~ Dr Leong KM (31, October 2007)
Travelling is fun. To ensure everything is OK, I bought a travel insurance to enjoy 100% peace of mind. The insurance will protect my family against any untoward incidence and sickness. Medical cost in a foreign country is high and flight delay is a nightmare. The premium is very cheap for a 10 days holiday. It also protect my family with a PA coverage against death and disability. Everything is so easy and fast !

~ Mr Mohan (5th November 2007)
I bought a medical policy for my staff on 1st October 2007, barely after 35 days after the inception date, my staff was admitted into Sunway Medical Centre for a viral infection and stayed for a week. Thanks  for recommending such a good plan for my company or else I need to fork out thousands for the stay. With the Medical Card, my staff is not burdened with the medical cost incurred. He even stayed in a single private room.

~ En Hamid, (10, November 2007)
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