HOW TO RENEW MY CAR INSURANCE AND ROAD TAX ? (for all States in West Malaysia) 
1. First you need to renew the car insurance  : Step 1 to  4 
    STEP 1 : Tell your agent the Sum Insured (RM), Car cubic capacity (CC), Car Year Made, Your age, Past 2 years claim's experience, 
                   NCD (No Claim Discount)
NCD details , Car Made ( Proton, Honda), Car Model (Wira 1.3 A,  Accord 2.0)
    STEP 2 : Optional coverage like Wind Screen, Audio, Flood, Riot, Legal Liability and etc

    STEP 3 : Car registration details (kindly follow the JPJ Registration details)
                   a) Vehicle Number / No. Pendaftaran Kenderaan        (eg WHU 1234)
                   b) Vehicle Registration Card Number / No Siri              (eg 8204123)
                   c) Owner's detail / Pemunya                                        (eg Name, IC Number, Mailing Address & Contacts)
                   d) Engine and Chasis Number / No. Enjin dan Chasis  (eg 5S-1234567 / eg 53SK200X712345)
                   e) Engine capacity / Keupayaan Enjin                          (eg 2164 S.P)

    STEP 4 : Your correspondence and payment details and wait for your agent confirmation advice by e-mail and SMS
    STEP 5 : e-Cover Note will be issued  and sent to JPJ online upon clearance of payment. You wil receive a copy of the ecover note
                   via e-mail or by post (upon request). Your car is insured once the e-cover is issued.
                  (During working days the estimated time to issue an e-cover is around 15 - 30 minutes)
2. Once you have renewed your car insurance, you can renew your road tax by the following method

    METHOD 1 : At the nearest Post Office or JPJ Office (for those who are holding the JPJ Registration Card)
    METHOD 2 : Inform the Bank to renew your road tax. Some bank will debit the amount to your loan repayment
    METHOD 3 : Get assistance from "runners" to assist you. 
    METHOD 4 : Log on to JPJ online system

    Note : Kindly make sure there is no outstanding traffic summon

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