Why you need a Personal Accident plan?
 In the event of an accident ( 24 hours coverage )
1  A lump sum CASH payment will be payable in the event of accidental death or 
 permanent disablement
2  Reimbursement for actual, necessary and reasonable medical and clinical treatment
 incurred for injuries resulting from an accident
3  Weekly benefits up to 52 weeks if you are unable to attend to your work as certified by
 a qualified medical practitioner. (this is an optional coverage)
4  Daily Hospital Cash Income up to 180 days
 (Hospitalisation as a result of an accident)
5  Cashless hospital admission and discharge benefit
 (upon accident)
6  Also covers Murder and assault (unprovoked), drowning, food or drink poisoning, coma,
 scuba diving (up to 50 metres deep), hunting, mountaineering, polo playing, bungee
 jumping, natural disaster (La Nina, El Nino, Floods & Earthquakes), strike, riot, civil
 commotion, insect bites, snake bites, animal bites, hijacking, disappearance
7  Premium starts from 27 sen a day for a RM 50,000 protection
(Low premium with high protection)
8  Renewal bonus
 (sum insured shall be increased by 10% per year up to 50% of the Principal Sum Insured)
9  Sum insured can be used to settle your loans, mortgages, children educations,
 living expenses and secure your family future
10  Peace of mind
 (Protection up to age 70)
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