Why you need a Critical Illnesses Insurance Plan?
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 Upon diagnosis with ONE of the 36 Critical Illnesses
  This is not a contract of insurance. The description below  is only a brief summary for quick and easy reference. Rates are estimation only. 
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1  A lump sum CASH payment will be payable
2  Able to seek immediate treatment in any hospital of your choice
3  Pay for prescription drugs or treatment not covered by government or private plans
4  Family able to maintain current standard of living
 (care for your aging parents, children education and your love ones)
5  Protect your mortgages or settle all your loans
 (Most MRTA policies do not cover critical illnesses)
6  Extra home nursing care during recovery stage
 (minimise the burden on  your family members)
7  Premium starts from RM 100 a month for a RM 240,000 protection
(depending on your age, gender and health condition)
8  Cash back 
 (total cash back value is subject to age and insurer's performance) 
9  Many people are diagnosed with Critical Illnesses each year
 (thanks to medical advances, many survive). But don't let the medical cost be a burden
10  Peace of mind
 (Protection up to age 70)
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