Why you need an H&S Plan?
 When you are hospitalised, a Hospitalisation and Surgical plan can save life !
1  "No need to worry" as the medical bills are well taken care of.
 Valuable life can be saved if immediate medical attention is provided
2  Allow you to seek immediate treatment in both private and government hospitals
3  Cashless admission into panel hospitals Panel Hospitals
4  The H&S plan will give you more financial resources to seek better treatment

  What will you do if you don't have enough money for a medical treatment? 
Borrow ? Credit Card ? Relatives ? Friends ? Welfare ? Public Donation ?
  or just pay RM 16  a month ? (** age 15, female) 
5  Premium starts from RM 16 a month Note 1 
 to cover RM 250,000 (Lifetime limit) and RM 25,000  (Annual Limit). Do you have RM 250,000 ? 
6  24 Hours coverage
7  Hospitalisation costs should not impact income and your hard earned saving.
 How long do you need to save RM 250,000 ? 10 years, 20 years or 30 years?
8  Renewal up to age 80  New !
9  Out patient
 Treatment for Accidents, Cancer, Kidney dialysis, Stroke, Major Organ Transplant,
10  Start while you are still healthy. Premium will be cheaper if entry age is younger
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  Note :1 ~ Premium for Female, Age 15, Non Smoker