Why you need a Retirement Plan ?
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 Start saving for your own retirement TODAY !
1  Living costs are getting higher 
 (the working class find it hard to make ends meet, imagine what will happen to them when they retire)
 Retirement cost
2  Most contributors exhaust their EPF savings at 65.
 Facing poverty after retirement !  How many people can retire at age 55?
3  Most people underestimate their retirement needs
 (Rule of the thumb ~ If you spend RM 30 a day, you will have to save another RM30 a day for your
 retirement. Do not rely solely on your EPF or Pension to see you through your retirement - they are not
4  A systematic way to build a good saving habit
5  Time is money, leverage on it
 (the earlier you start the more you have to gain)
6  Don't procrastinate 
 (Start saving whatever little you can now. Some saving is definitely better than none at all!)
7  Don't leave our retirement plan to chance or put the responsibility on our children to take
 care of our retirement. We have been there: we know how difficult it was to make ends
 meet when we were just embarking on our career and we had a young family to feed.
 (Old age is no longer gold)
8  Guaranteed lump sum cash payment upon maturity
 (Retirement plan is not an investment scheme. It is not subject to market risk)
9  Medical cost, wellness, travel, hobbies and lifestyle need money
 (On average you only have 20 to 25  years to save. Time is money ~ Leverage on it !)
10  With a saving of RM150 per month, you are planning towards a better retirement
 (Start TODAY !)
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