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International Students studying in Malaysia
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1  Personal Accident & Death Benefit
 a) Accidental Death or Natural Death
 b) Total & Permanent Disability (TPD)
 c) Medical Evacuation
 d) Physical Injury
2  Hospitalisation & Surgical Benefits (In-patient)
 a) Hospital Room and Board
 b) Intensive Care Unit (ICU)
 c) Hospital Supplies and Services
 d) Surgical Fees
 e) Anaesthetic Fees
 f)  Operating Theatre Fees
 g) In-Hospital Physician Visit
 h) Pre-Hospitalisation Diagnostic Tests
 i)  Pre-Hospitalisation Specialist Consultation
 j)  Second Surgical Opinion
 k) Post Hospitalisation Treatment
 l)  Emergency Accidental Out-patient Treeatment
 m)Emergency Accidental Dental Treatment
 n) Day Care Procedure
 o) Ambulance Fees
 p) Emergency Sickness Treatment
 q) Medical Report Fees (for Claim Purpose)
3  Repatriation / Funeral Expenses
 a) Repatriation Allowance
 b) Funeral Expenses
4  Out-Patient Treatment Benefits
 a) Out-Patient GP Treatment
 b)  Out-Patient Cancer Treatment
 c)  Out-Patiient Kidney Dialysis
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