Why you need a Life Insurance plan?
How much insurance do I need?
 Protection against Death, Disability,   Illnesses,  Accident,  and  Medical
1   Financial Security 
 (minimum 60 months of your salary as Sum Assured)
2   Love for others - basic security, safety and comfort      
 (parents, spouse and children)
3  Not easy to save money for emergencies
  (death, sickness or  accident)
4  It takes many years to save RM100,000. But it only takes ONE incident to exhaust your
 (insurance premium starts from as low as RM100 per month)
5  Wealth and Income Protection
 (protects against bankruptcy, loan repayments, credit card repayments, foreclosure, income tax
6  Don't leave a mess for your children, spouse or aged parents
 (Medical bills, funeral expenses and others)
7  Don't burden family members because of your poor planning
 (Be a responsible person and start planning today !)
8  Guaranteed cash payment to your immediate family members
 (In the event of death, insurance proceeds will be payable according to your wish)
 Upon death all bank accounts, assets, stocks will be subjected to contest or may be frozen. It may take months or even years before money actually reaches your loved ones.
9  Current standard of living should be maintained in the event of loss of life of the
 (A minimum of 5 years salary or ideally 60 months salary)
10  Our comprehensive life insurance plan starts from ONLY RM100 per month
 (Don't leave it to chance. Start a plan TODAY !)
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